Referência: Oleg Dou

"I have always been interested in human individuality and self-expression. The “Naked Faces” project is devoted to the relationship between human’s inner world with human’s behavior in society. The society still restricts behavior and thought of a human being.
This project is a kind of a protest that is to show that a person should remain who he is and that people should perceive him in the way he is. The persons presented in my works lack individuality: the eyebrows and the eyelashes are removed, the skin is smoothed.
I have always tried to make observers not be indifferent to my pictures but that does not mean that emotions should only be positive - they can express both alarm, fear and tearing away.
Visually I am inspired by culture of fashion and surrealists. I often shock people. I try to create the my personal aesthetics of the works, I try to combine reality with artificiality"

In: Moscow Russia Photographer Oleg Dou - Russian Artist -